KG2 students will learn:

  1. The child learns all alphabets, reviews them, and recognize the words
  2. Links the word to the sentences and how to make sentences
  3. Learns advanced Geometric shapes
  4. Learn mathematical skills
  5. Forming the words with English/ Arabic letters
  6. Learns Science, Human body parts and its features
  7. Learns general Life skills
  8. Gains new life skills and values
  9. Learns patriotism through the presented curriculum
  10. Learns the professions of society and points to the importance of choosing a profession to draw it with their imagination to seek to achieve it in the future
  11. Memorizing the Qur'an as scheduled of the first primary class (Juz Amma)
  12. Teaching children’s mathematical values and concepts in many forms
  13. Learns the biography of the Prophet
  14. Learns Arabic grammar in a simple way
  15. Learns the life cycle in science subject
  16. Learn scientific concepts for children to develop their experiences and personalities (zoology, plants, water, sound, agriculture, seasons of the year)

Toddlers Timetable

Subject Number of Lessons
English 5 Lessons
Mathematics 5 Lessons
Science 2 Lessons
Library 1 Time
Arabic 5 Lessons
Islamic Studies/ Quraan 3 Lessons
Music 1 Lesson
Free Play 5 Times
Activities 5 Times