KG1 students will learn:

  1. The child learns all alphabets and word formation
  2. Links the word to the sentences and the content of the image
  3. Learns geometric shapes and colors
  4. Learns mathematical skills
  5. Learns all the English letters and word forming
  6. Learns to associate the word with the sentence in English
  7. Learns the seasons of the year
  8. Learns human values and principles
  9. Learns to read, write, and spell in Arabic and English
  10. Memorizing a part of the Qur’an (Juz Amma for children)
  11. Learns the biography of the Prophet
  12. Learns patriotism through the presented curriculum
  13. Learns about human body and science
  14. Different themes are provided every two weeks to gain information through the values presented
  15. Scientific concepts for children to develop their experiences and personalities (zoology, plants, water, sound)
  16. Math concepts (number zero, addition, subtraction, greater and lesser, equal)
  17. Writing and foundation exercises for the Arabic language

Toddlers Timetable

Subject Number of Lessons
English 5 Lessons
Mathematics 5 Lessons
Science 2 Lessons
Library 1 Time
Arabic 5 Lessons
Islamic Studies/ Quraan 3 Lessons
Music 1 Lesson
Free Play 5 Times
Activities 5 Times