“New Environment”
Encourage the infants to explore the new environment. Let them touch and feel the items that interest them inside the classroom.

“Relationship Building”
Sing lullabies and talk softly with the children. They will need lots of soothing and the need to feel secure as they begin to build trust with their new caregivers.

“Making Connections”
Play with connecting toys –take them apart and put them together again.

“Let’s Play Ball”
Provide large and small balls for rolling. Encourage the children to crawl after the balls.

“Reach For It”
Put a toy just out of reach and encourage the child to reach for it.

“Counting Toes & Fingers”
Use the following finger plays: “This Little Finger” and “Clap Your Hands”

“Number Rhyme”
Recite this rhyme “Stars Shining” and make the necessary gestures when indicated.

“Push and Pull”
Provide a variety of pushing or pull toys to explore.

“Sign Language”
teaching the signs (sign language) for “milk”, “more”, “all done”, “help” and “sleep”.

“High Fives”
Stretch open the infant’s hand while opening the fist. This provides a feeling of connection with the child and will help them exercise their muscles. Repeat the process with their feet.

Model and shake rattles for the child. Help him to make noises. Talk about how we use our ears for hearing.

Put a soft toy on a string or piece of yarn and swing it over a child laying on their back. Encourage the child to track the object with their eyes.

“Where is it?”
Shake a rattle behind the child, just out of sight. Encourage the child to turn and find it. “What can you hear? Where is the sound coming from?”