At Buds & Blooms, we believe that children are capable and resourceful learners and they have a lot to contribute to their own learning and to ours as well. Children need to be valued as individuals and we need to respect their right to express their thoughts and feelings regardless of their age or ability. It is our responsibility as early childhood professionals and as child advocates to care and educate our children and their families through establishing secure, supporting and creative learning environments.

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A leading contributer to quality improvement of early childhood education in the Middle East.

Our Team

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The team of early years practitioners at Buds & Blooms nursery form the core of our success. Therefore, we invest in providing continual professional Development for all staff members.

They all possess a Early Years qualification and all have several years experience in their field. They also hold the relevant qualifications to work with young children.

We are a committed team of professionals who offer "Best Practice" to the children in their care. All staff hold a current First Aid certificate.

Why Love Us

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    Our community of staff, teachers and families follows the Arabian Child curriculum framework.
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    & Education

    We committed to providing high quality individualized childcare and early childhood education.
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    Our program is based on the principle that the early years are the most critical in a child’s development and as early childhood educators.
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    We provide a range of fun activities, resources and experiences to meet the children’s individual needs and interests.
“It is the period of childhood we must invest in. Our time, energy, money and thoughts. These are the foundation years that set the pattern for everything that happens in the future.”

Development and Goals for the Early Years

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    Health and Physical Development involves how your child develops control over their body, particularly their muscles and physical coordination
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    Math and Scientific Thinking involves the ways your child thinks and uses mathematical and scientific knowledge to manipulate, organize, connect, reason and solve problems
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    Language and Communication Development is the process by which your child begins to understand language and learns how to communicate
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    Social and Emotion Development involves the way your child feels about themselves, understands and controls their feelings and gets along with others